Shree Swami Samarth: Shree Swami Samarth’s work

Work by reverend personalities is always inspirational. These great people guide us like torch light to faces the obstacles coming in the journey of life.  

Demeanor of divine personalities like Shree swami Samarth is great learning experience for us. Shree Swami was omniscient; he could sense past, present and future and could read even secret thoughts of anybody. Swami relieved many people from their miseries, and guided them on the correct direction. Shree Swami accepted food not only from Brahmin but also from any devotee irrespective of their caste or social status. Through his conduct he promoted equality.

A Brahmin named Pandit came to Lord Jaggannath Yatra [Chariot Festival]. He was blind by birth. He knew that Samarth had greatly favored Alavani Buva and three of his companions. He devoted himself to Samarth. “Samarth is incarnation of Lord Dattatrey” and he wished to get Swamiji’s darshan (to see him) through his own eyes. Pandit tightly embraced the lotus feet of Samarth’s and was not ready to give up. Samarth’s feet got wet by Pandit’s tears. Hearing Pandit’s cry, Swami took out the garland of flowers from around his neck and threw it towards the blind Pandit. Pandit took the garland and with great devotion touched his eyes softly with it. And what a miracle! The very touch of that garland restored his eyesight. After returning to his native he worshiped Swami Samarth through out his life.

|| Kartum Akartum Anyatha Kartum ||

As per Bhagavad-Gita [The great Indian epic], meaning of above quote is, "Action, in action, just the action". The perfect action is inaction where the Lord is the doer of all and you are just the channel.

A Brahmin afflicted by extreme poverty stayed in Akkalkot since a number of days rendering devotional service to Samarth. One day maharaj sat on the heap of bones in the locality of Mahar community. Maharaj spoke to the needy Brahmin “Take away as many bones as you want”. Brahmin started hesitating and thinking as to how to touch those bones? Still he picked up two to four bone pieces. Next day he felt that the cloth bundle was very heavy. When he opened he got shocked. In the cloth bundle he found gold pieces instead of bones. Samarth’s charm was delightful; bounteous and rich. The number of people, he cured by providing mysterious medicines are countless. Each word flowing down from Samarth’s mouth used to become medicine for the patient. Buffaloes’ urine, horse’s urine and different plants were ultimate medicines given by Samarth to cure his patients.

Curing patients was not only the part of Samarth’s work. He wanted to carve on people’s mind that a faith is the only key to survive in the battle of life. To the common men it becomes difficult to understand his conduct and gain knowledge from him. To the patient suffering from asthma, Shree Swami ordered, “Roast a sweet potato and eat it”. When the Brahmin started eating the roasted sweet potato, within three days itself his asthma got cured.

Saint’s charisma touches every aspect of life. Vasudeo Balwant Phadke is considered as the first revolutionary of India. He went two to three times to AkkalKot. He secretly told his motto to Samarth. But Maharaj did not agree. Once he kept his sword and decided that if Maharaj gives the sword to him, he will definitely win the war everywhere. Maharaj had realized the outcome and hence he told one of his devotees to put that sword on “tarti” plant. Vasudeo Balawant had to return disappointed.

Sheshacharya Agnihotri was one of Swami’s devotees. He used to come for Swami’s Darshan [glance.]. Even though Swami is angry he definitely used to get darshan.
Once he insistently asked for “pedha” [sweet] from Shree Swami. Shree Swami never gave their glance till he understood his mistake. Later his life became nonchalant

Bhagwant Appa Sutar had built well in his farm and he invited Shree Swami Samarth for lunch. Bhagwant Sutar was expecting 4 people but due to Shree Swami’s blessing 50 people enjoyed lunch. At night, Shree Samarth gargled mouthful of water; spit the same in the fire kept for roasting corn, and set the fire ablaze. Swami is revered as the teacher of all spiritual teachers i.e. guru of gurus. He is a direct incarnation of Supreme Consciousness. How a common devotee can adequately describe the glorious appearance of God? We can walk on the spiritual path shown by Shree Swami to enlighten our lives.

One story is being told that, when Shree Swami Samarth was staying at Chintopant Tol’s place he started weird game. He started collecting and cutting “arenda” woods into 1 ft pieces. He then poured sand into it. He kept those woods in lines same like battalion soldiers keep their guns. He made five to seven such lines in triangular shape. Swami did same for five to seven months. If some asks “What are you doing?” his answer was “I am creating battalion”. It was difficult to understand his motto behind that. Later in 1857-1858 Indians rose in revolt against the sovereignty of British and Nana Saheb Peshwe went on path of insurgency. That time people understood his behavior.
When British started dominating the war, in Akkalkot Shree Swamiji used to sit with his head thrust in a cannon’s mouth. This canon was named “Laxmi”. In those days British had blown up thousands of Indians using these cannons. And Swamiji was expressing his grief for the dead Indians.
He is measureless compassion and limitless bliss. He radiates unalloyed love and his heart melts at the faintest trace of unconditional devotion for God. The complete behavior of this holy soul is nothing but miracle for us. We can definitely learn by simply looking into his life. We get religious faith into God and understand tatwa-gyan [means understand self, God, body, mind and karma, and promoting peace and happiness in ourselves and in others].

To understand the work by Shree Swami Samarth we must take a look at Maharashtra’s background. Staring from the emersion of Buddha, the spiritual contemplation altercation erected its root. Pure spiritual thoughts were getting spoiled. People started adopting Western lifestyle and became self centric. Eastern and western countries have showed that “predominant emphasis of living is material survival and same is ultimate aim of life”.
Same like western culture, awareness of physical aspect of existence started emerging in eastern countries. And people started thinking that, human sense organs are sufficient to gain complete knowledge. People's relationship with the spirituality is governed predominantly by superstition and by authority.

By looking through mortal eyes the divine power of saints is simply unfathomable. For that, Indians must look into it spiritually. The knowledge we gain through human sense organs is limited. Through sense organs human being researched atomic power. But still there are many incomprehensible, endless things yet to invent; which we can understand only if we are in good will of Swami. People should look at Shree Swami Samarth’s work through this eyesight.

World is beyond sense organs. The knowledge gained through sense organs is not complete. Shree Swami always wanted his devotees to understand the final truth of their lives. And he always worked for the same. The true devotees still feel his subtle power and his divine presence. This is the charisma of Swami.

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