Shree Swami Samarth: Swami’s Devine Game

The experiences of devotees at “Gaondevi pada, Panvel” Muth (Temple-Shrine) are inexplicable. Devotees are getting an experience of Swami Samarth here. Few of such experiences are as follows:

Many childless couples have been blessed with children. People have got rid of mutual differences. Jobless people have got jobs. Those wishful of marriage are getting good marriage proposals. Business men’s businesses are running smoothly. Those involved in legal matters are expecting fair judgment. People are slowly getting rid of miseries of their lives are experiencing happiness. He has cured many devotees from diseases. The seemingly impossible problems in life of people are getting resolved by the grace of Shree Swami and “Gaondevi pada, Panvel” muth (Temple-Shrine) is live example of it.

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