Gaodevipada Panvel- Muth’s Inaugurator

For sometime I was into dairy business. I was also into dealing of ancestral land etc.  In the beginning I got the opportunity to do some holy service to Sai and Lord Navnath. Since childhood I have been regularly practicing rituals in the morning. One day I saw Shree Swami Samarth’s photo and was puzzled, “Who is this old man?” I didn’t get answer. I was well acquainted with Brahmin community. I happened to talk to one of my friend who was also dealing in land.  He forced me to attend a tour with him. I saw the photo of Swami Samarth in his car. He was a devotee of Swami Samarth. I thought, “What is this old man doing here?” When I asked my friend about him, he said, “He is omniscient”. I asked him a few questions. I asked, “Who is he? Is he revered? Will he talk to me?”…. During the course of these questions I came to know that, we were actually going to Akkalkot. While answering my questions my friend said, “After reaching to Akkalkot you may ask him face to face.”

I am not any saint. India is land of saints. I am only a devotee. I was performing service at Akkalkot. I used to do even sweeping. Once while cleaning the muth (Temple-Shrine), Nana Maharaj invited me through one of his devotee. I accepted ‘gurumantra’ from him. After becoming disciple of Maharaj, I got correct direction of living. I got real meaning of devotee. Without any selfishness I am serving this muth. Whatever programs we held in this muth are only for devotee and not for my family members. We could not get the happiness and satisfaction any where else that we get in being devotee. We perform mahaaarti daily. This maha-aarti is nothing but the occasion to meet Maharaj itself. Sometimes we get surprised. Swami knows everything. He sometimes gives us message. Sometimes maha aarti is nothing but the time of joy and sometime of quarrel. Once I told my wife to make fritters as prasad (material substance eg. food that is first offered to a deity and then consumed).  And I was surprised to see in ‘aarti’ [Prayer] that Maharaj himself was making fritters. The oil and pan were hot; still he was taking fritters from pan with hand. I asked my wife about this. Then she told me that, she was making fritters with anger as she was not at all interested in making fritters at that time. I told my wife that, if you are not interested then don’t make fritters. Some times before giving Prasad to Swamiji he tells how it tastes. He some times says, “Today prasad is spicy.” And really it is spicy when you check it. And we make another Prasad.  Once a gentleman offered petha(sweet made up of milk) to Swamiji. Swamiji told, pedhas he brought for me are kept at his home. And he has brought this pedha from the shop near by. I asked that gentle man about it. He said, “I forgot the pedhas at home. And I have brought these pedhas from the shop near by”. I told him, “Swamiji wants pedhas you have left at home. Please arrange for those.”

One famous thing about gaodevipada muth is that everybody visiting this muth is satisfied. I always ask to Swamiji that, rather than making rush over here please cure all the problems of all devotees.


Shree Sudhakar Gharat’s few about Shree Swami Samarth

Shee Swami Samarth is mother of everybody. He is complete incarnation of all Gods. His face is like Lord Shiva. He is Intellect bestowal. His part below neck is prime illusion. This stomach is of lord Ganesh. The part from west is Lord Hanuman and his legs are of Lord Vishnu. His arms are of Lord Ram. That means Shree Swami Samarth is far upper than all incarnations. His presence is all over the world. But common man is in puzzle, “To whom we should say ours.” Their mind is always full of worries. But if we devote all our life to Swamiji, stay with him then how we will be unhappy? We won’t get proper direction in life till we don’t come across this question.

Swami is mother of everybody. Mother guesses her baby is hungry. But for that child has to give her indications. Probably cry. This applies to us also. Without expressing our desires how mother will know about it. Once we went to Narsoba wadi. My friend was also accompanying me. My friend was very much hungry and wanted sweet food. But I insisted him to be some time in the temple as I wanted to complete my 11 rounds around the Datta Temple. I completed my 11 rounds around the temple and one gentle man came. He asked us whether we had lunch. And he invited us for the lunch. This story might me very much simple but message behind this is very big. In Swami’s temple, you get everything you asked for. Who says he is mendicant. He is owner of everything. He can give anything you ask for but yes, you should have that capability to receive. You can say that, this mother is asking, “How much you can keep in your two hands…”

In this universe there are good as well as bad things. You can worship without having proper knowledge of it. But it takes time to get fulfilled. We face obstacles only to get proper knowledge of the things. Shree Swami Samarth is universe. We should always chant his name. This is kaliyuga. We all must be having problems and commitments. But we must have strong faith on Swamiji. All devotees should not forget Swamiji‘s promise. Chant Swami’s name without keeping its track. We should always think that, he resides in our heart and we are chanting his name, then why we should keep track of it.  I want to tell only one thing to people, please worship Swamiji with full knowledge. Swamiji’s message is – “I am spread in this whole universe. But still I am not present anywhere. But if person calls me with devotion then I am everywhere. My presence is virtual.” Shree Swami had many times told about other Gods. Like he used to say, “My Ganesh will be angry.” Just try to think and understand the kind of rights Shree Swami Samarth has. Swami is very strong universal power. Many have experienced this power and still some are experiencing. He is ultimate creator of the universe and all activates are being monitored by him.

Shree Swami Samarth takes responsibility of everybody. Devote him with selfness. Sing in devotion for Swamiji. It is not important who is hearing your song. If you feel energetic then Swamiji definitely becomes happy. Swamiji has done many miracles. Swamiji has done whatever Bal Krishna has done.  But we don’t recognize it. If you are having many virtuous then only you recognize Swamiji. It takes time to follow spiritual teacher. Some people don’t have (spiritual teacher) itself. But Swamiji is standing behind all of us. He is saying, “Always do good work. Don’t get afraid. I am behind you.” Our work is only to enlighten this universe. Worship spiritual teacher in every aspect. Spiritual teacher is not only a personality but is a tatwa(principle). Get completely accompany with that tatwa(principle). That accompanying moment will be small. But for that you must have done good work, good thoughts. Do you think Sadhana, name chanting are worthless? No. they are not. Come and chant the Swami’s name. Everything becomes pure when we devote to Swamiji. Come let us experience this.


|| Jai Shree Swami Samarth | Hari Om Tat Sat ||

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