Shree Swami Samarth - Shree Swami Samarth’s Disciples
Shree Pandurang Balkrushna alias Nana Paranjape Shree Nana Gadre
Shree Anna Maharaj Shreemati Sunandatai Mule
Mrs. Shakuntala Aagate alias Shakatai Mrs. Sumantai alias Mai Warerkar
Atmaram Harihar Saint Shree Dattanand Saraswati Maharaj
Shree RamKrishna Jhambekar  

If you look at the disciples of Shree Swami Samarth Maharaj you will come to know altogether different side of Swami’s biography. Like banyan tree Swami’s disciples are in huge number and are spread all over the world. All disciples have different names and they have established muths(temple) with different names but their motto is same – Swami worship.  Many devotees have visited ‘ Akkalkot ’ just to get Swami’s darshan (glance). Shree Swami encouraged many devotees to established muths.  And today his devotees are everywhere.


Shree Pandurang Balkrushna alias Nana Paranjape

Shree Pandurang Balkrushna alias Nana Paranjape resides at the hill station Lonavla, near Pune - Mumbai Highway. His grandfather Shree Shridhar Bapuji Paramjape stayed at adiware village in Rajapur district. Nana’s father came to Mumbai and joined duties in railway after completing education. But after sad demise of Nana’s father his mother went to ‘Saswane’ village in Alibaug taluka. She alone bought up her children. Afterwards Nana completed his education in Mumbai staying at his sister’s house. At the age of 22 he joined army. In year 1949 he got married but his wife stayed at Saswane. In 1955 he got rental house near “Sri Akkalkot Swami Samarth" muth in Chembur (Mumbai).

He was a devotee of Lord Shiva. Gradually, he started receiving messages from Sri Swami Samarth. One day, Swami materialized in front of Nana and asked him, "Is there a difference between Lord Shiva & Me?"  In 1960, Sri Swami Samarth took him physically to Akkalkot via ‘vayugaman’ [space travel] and gave him ‘charan tirth’ (holy water) in Cholappa's Muth.
One Morning in 1963, Nana's subtle body left his physical gross body and travels high up in space. Nana entered a golden palace where he saw the shining, lustrous figure of Sri Swami Samarth. Sri Swami Samarth told Nana to climb up three steps symbolizing ‘satva’ (harmony), ‘raja’ (activity), and ‘tama’ (inertia) and asked if he recognized him, Nana said he did. Then Sri Swami Samarth announced, "I will now partially manifest myself through you and display the divine leela (divine game)". Nana responded hesitantly, "I am a married person". Sri Swami Samarth said, "Don't worry about it and just watch what happens henceforth". With this He initiated Nana with a sacred mantra. Additionally, Sri Swami Samarth taught him another specific mantra which needs to be chanted three times only when encountered by danger. Then Sri Swami Samarth Disappeared.

Nana forgot the second mantra and was wondering what to do about it when Lord Dattatraya suddenly manifested. Lord Dattatraya asked, "Have you forgotten the mantra?" Nana saID "Yes." Then Lord Dattatraya gave him the same (second) mantra again and He then disappeared. As Nana walked out of the palace he saw a corpse. He shudder at the side and prayed to Sri Swami Samarth, "Why this inauspicious omen after having your auspicious, holy darshan?" In his inner eye flashed Sri Swami Samarth's shining personage seated on a lotus flower. He said, "Just touch the dead body and chant my name." The dead man regained his life.

Five years later, when visiting ‘Namdeo Maharaj’, Nana was told to ask for any boon. Nana replied that he didn't need anything. Nana asked for the power to remove the suffering of those who come in contact with him.  "This is my guru's (spiritual teacher’s) work. You will accomplish this," said Namdeo Maharaj, being extremely pleased with the request. Namdeo Maharaj blessed Nana with a special saffron robe, chatti, as a vehicle of Lord Dattatraya's power and a sacred mantra on ’gurudwadashi’, (the twelfth day on the Hindu calendar in the month of Ashwin.).

Nana established ‘Shree Swami Samarth Vishwa Kalyan Kendra’ at ‘Apta Phata, Karnala’ on Mumbai-Pune highway for the benefit of spiritually hungered seekers in particular and humanity in general. Nana's message to those aspiring for the divine crown: "Selfless service and love towards fellow human beings is the fastest way to the lord. One should not neglect the ordained duties but perform the worldly responsibilities perfectly and then pursue the divine fragrance."

In 1978 Nana published Shree Swami Samarth and Shree Guru Biography in English. Also he has published Shree Swami Samarth ‘sahatranamawali’ (book contains 1000 names of Shree Swami Samarth.)

Shree Nana Gadre

On the 28th October 1971 Shree Namdeo Maharaj took ‘Mahasamadhi’[shedding his mortal coil]. Before taking Samadhi he handed over the royal charity of spirituality to Shree Nana Gadre. Shree Nana Gadre was a retired general Manager from a yarn mill. He utilized his managerial position only to help the needy and not for his benefit. In 1958 Shree Nana got a glimpse of ‘ShreeKrishnaSaraswati’ and ‘Namdev’ through his insight. He said, Saheb (He used to call Saheb) from today you are my son. He showed Nana his muth in Kolhapur, ‘Shree Jagdamba’ temple and samadhi of ‘Shree Krishna Saraswati Maharaj’. After coming to Kolhapur, under the careful supervision of Shree Namdev his meditation began to intensify. Once unintentionally Nana showered some abusive words on his colleague. As usual on the next day Nana went to meet Shree Namdev Maharaj. At that time Maharaj said, ”Saheb, do you know these words once said never vanish? Still you said what should have never been said. Whatever you said has been registered by God. Do you want to hear that?” He was surprised by the Omniscience of his spiritual guide. He further said, “Saheb, what you speak really matters the most”. Further he continued teaching Shree Nana.

Shree Nana wrote and published biography of ‘Shree Namdev Maharaj’. In that he addressed the devotees to pursue chanting mantra.

Shree Anna Maharaj

A Dhondopant and Radhika of ‘wai’ village, ‘Satara’ district gave birth to Satguru Anna Maharaj. Anna’s father was obligated by Shree Swami Samarth. Hence he had received Swami’s worship bequest since from childhood. At the age of 11 he was offered teaching from guru (spiritual teacher). Shree Vishnu Ganesh Patvardhan alias Nirmalanand was his Guru.

Shree Anna Maharaj has established Shree Swami Samarth ‘upasana dham’ (place to perform revere.) at Pandharpur. His wife Shalani Pachlegaonkar was also devotee of Maharaj. Anna Maharaj has travelled to many places and has helped people to come out their grief. He has helped to resolve problems of worldling. Most of his devotees are from Maharashtra, Goa and Madhya Pradesh.

Through his holy speeches Anna Maharaj has tried to emphasize that, “All human beings together can create a good, well mannered society and hence our society will progress”. He has given permission to read “Shreeguruchraratria” [biography of Shree Guru] to ladies. His teaching gives equal emphasis to material development as well as psycho-spiritual progress of human beings.

Shreemati Sunandatai Mule

Shreemati Sunitatai Mule is righteous personality of spiritual city Ahemadnagar. Since from child hood, she was obligated by Nasik residing Shree Narayan Shreepad Shreevallabh Pithale Maharaj. She had experienced Shree Swami Samarth’s unfathomable Divine Power. Many times Swamiji has given direction through Sunitatai. Shree Krushnarao alias Bhau Rekhi initially helped her on way of spiritualism. After having good grasp over it, in 1981 she got chance to learn from Shree Nana Gadre. Under guidance of Nana Gadre she has noted down the Swami’s thoughts few years back. The name of the book is “He Swaminche Bol”. Definitely the book is guidance for everybody; from his devotees to a common man.

Sunita Tai has practiced spirituality. She is very famous personality in spiritual world. She can deliberately teach subjects like “Kundilini Jagruti”, “Dyan Dharna”. Many have found Swami’s image inside her.

Dr. Jayant Karandikar is studying ‘Omkar‘ Science for past six years. He asked few questions to Swamiji about it. She said, “Wait, let me ask Swamiji”. After that she gave answers to his questions. And this was very helpful for Doctor’s further studies.

Mrs. Shakuntala Aagate alias Shakatai

Mrs. Shakuntala Aagate alias Shakatai got obligated at the age of 11. She holds bachelor degree in organic chemistry and she has learned ‘Shaktipat Yoga Sadhana’ (Kind of mediatation) from Shree Shree D. (Mama) Deshpande. She has taught Shaktipat yoga sadhana to almost 1000 people. Swami is the source of energy when she teaches the ‘Shaktipat Yoga Sadhana’. Dr. Mukund Rao Hanumante has given following part of Shakatai’s interview in his book, Bhagwat Shalakadarshan.

At that time, Shakatai was traveling in north Maharashtra with her guru Shree Mahasaheb Deshpande. At that time, early in the morning of ‘gurudwadashi’ day (1987) Mamasaheb told het to get ready for visiting ‘Dattatray’ temple. Shakatai was surprised to see open temple at that time. Door got opened automatically. Shakatai again asked Mamasabheb, “Should I come?” Mamasaheb said, “From whom you should actually seek the permission has already given you and opened the door and from you should not seek are sleeping”. When they both entered into the temple, fourteenth century incarnation of Lord Dattatraya, namely Sri Vallabh and fifteenth century incarnation of Lord Dattatraya, namely Sri Narasimha Saraswati appeared in front of them. They gave Shakatai ‘kardant’ as ‘prasad’ (material substance that is first offered to a deity and then consumed). She was just going to consume it but Mamasaheb told, “Distribute it among all”. Nrusimha Swraswati maharaj was about to tell something but MamaSaheb told, “I am doing all this so that my daughter Shakatai gets good manners.” Same moment Shakatai said, “I wish Swami Samarth could be here. He must have taken my side.” At that time just Shree Swami Samarth appeared. And he said, “What ever rules applied to daughter are also applied to father. On this thought everybody started laughing. When Swamiji was about to return to Akkalkot Mamasaheb also wished to go with him. But said, “What should be done to this girl?”. Swamiji said, “Don’t worry. She will come with us through space”.  Confused Shakatai observed that she was under banyan tree in Akkalkot temple. Temple was closed from outside. Swami told Shakatai to take with her materials offered by devotees. It was required for Shakatai to be at Kolhapur and hence Swamiji again sent her to Kolhapur through space.

This is divine power of Swamiji. With the help of Swami’s divine power his wish comes true whenever true devotee wishes something. Shakatai is a true example of it. Shakatai has told that, “Start chanting sweet name of Swamiji leaving behind every worry of yours. Worship him with selflessness. And definitely one fine day Swamiji will appear in front of you.”

Mrs. Sumantai alias Mai Warerkar

Mumbai Mahim resident Mrs. Suman alias Mai Warerkar is selfless devotee of Shree Swami Samarth. She has seen Alandi, Ginar places and many saints in her dreams. According to Swamiji’s advice Mai has done ‘parayan’ (read) of ShreeGurulilamrut at akkalkot. In 1981 while doing parayan she got a glance of Swami’s glorious statue. Swamiji gave mantra to her and said,”I will always protect you and will help you on the spiritual path.” After some days Swamiji told that you are like my daughter. Hence you should be called as ‘Swamikanya’.

She has accepted spiritual teaching from Shree Amlanand Phadke who was follower of Pawas resident Shree Swarupanand. Mai says, “The one who has selflessly worshiped Swamiji had got his blessings. Sai baba of Shirdi and Shree Gajanan Maharaj of Shegao has sent their devotees to Swami Maharaj, in order to achieve more excellence in spirituality.”

Giving respect to Shree Dattatray’s order, Shree Moreshwar Prabhakar Joshi alias Baba Maharaj of Vardha district has travelled Pandharpur, Nasik, Gandgapur and Akkalkot. At Akkalkot village Swamiji told him to stay at Machnur and advised him the next work he was supposed to do. He has published “SadhanaSanhita” and “DivyaAmrutDhara” books.

Atmaram Harihar Saint

Shree Atmaram Harihar saint alias Atmanand Swami Maharaj was born in Pune district. In 1969 he went to Akkalkot to get ‘darshan’ [glimpse] of Swamiji. Swamiji advised him to go to Kashi. According to Swami’s advice Atmanand Maharaj went to Kashi. He achieved M.A. degree in Sanskrit from Banaras Hindu University. He as also achieved M.A. degree in Persian language from Aligad Muslim University. After that he achieved doctorate from Mumbai University. This very well educated person continued Swami’s worship. His Samadhi is at Kalamb Taluka of Usmanabad district.

Shree Dattanand Saraswati Maharaj

Shree Dattaand Saraswati Maharaj of Loni, bhapkar was Atheism. But after meting Swami Samarth he changed fully and became theism.

Shree RamKrishna Jhambekar

Shree RamKrishna was born in 1898 at Girgaum in Mumbai. He used chant Gayatri mantra, “Shree Swami Samarth” regularly. He also practiced yoga, ‘MaunVrat’ (the Fast of Silence), meditation regularly.  To increase body and mind concentration he used to keep himself in box and have fasting for many days. This was his way of attainment. He called Shree Swami Samarth as “Aajoba”. Jambhekar Maharaj used to consult with Swami Samarth before giving any advice on people’s problems. He used to give Swami’s photo frame as gift to his devotees for daily worship. Mr. Vittal Kondurkar was resident of Sawantwadi taluka. Jambhekar Maharaj advised him to worship Swami Maharaj. Mr. Vittal Kondurkar’s father was ill. Jambhekar Maharaj called him from the village and kept him in muth for two years. And after that his father’s disease got cured. While returning to home Jambhekar Maharaj gifted him Swami’s Photo, 2 pieces of silver ‘Panje’ (impression of hand). Kondurkars are celebrating all the festivals of Swami Samarth till today.

Jambhekar maharaj kept Swami’s photo frame at Mr. Dhondu Dicholkar home in Korgaon village of Goa. By doing so he inaugurated Swami’s work in Goa. Also Jambhekar Maharaj told Anant Palve of Goa to worship Swami’s photo regularly.

Jambhekar Maharaj used to go to Akkalkot for Swami darshan. One night Swami Samarth Asked Jambhekar Maharaj, “Ram krushna, What do you want?”. Jambhekar Maharaj didn’t asked anything for himself but he asked for Siddivinayak temple of Mumbai. He said, “Aajoba, I don’t want anything. If you want to give something then please give richness to Siddhivinayak temple”. By hearing his wish Swami was pleased. If temple is rich then devotees will definitely dome there and then siddhivinayak God will bless them.

Samarth Maharaj blessed Jambhekar Maharaj and said, “You go to Mumbai on this Tuesday. Plant this Mandar plant (Kind of flower plant) there. As this will plant will grow Siddhivinayak temple will be rich.” According to his instruction he planted the flower plant and today also that plant is there.

Shree Jambhekar was follower of Madhurbharkti. Many times he used to dress like woman. He used to wear wig, ornaments. After that he used to sing song in thin voice like he was God’s friend. During singing he used to play ‘ghagar’ (kind of playing instrument). While playing it ‘kumkum’ (red powder) is used. This red powder was given as ‘Prasad’ (form of blessing) to all.

Jambhekar Maharaj lived for only 42 years. But during this very short life span he helped many people. On 10 January 1940, at 5:30 AM, he left this planet. But before that he had made Shree Namdev Maharaj Kelkar (worshipper of Siddhivinayak temple) and Kashibai Chavan as their follower. He has told his followers that, on 12 January 1940 before 12 noon give all his belonging to Shree Babu Maharaj of Shree Swami Samarth muth of dadar. And return Mr. Fakir’s bungalow to him which was taken on 15rs per month rent.  His followers did everything as per his wish.

In Dadar’s Shree Swami Samarth muth, photos of three great saints namely Shree Balkrusha Maharaj, Shree Babu Maharaj and Shree Jambhekar Maharaj are kept.

Devotees have experienced that, If you visit Shree Jambhekar Maharaj’s Samadhi for 21 Thursday regularly then all your pain, worries will vanish. Shree Jambhekar Maharaj Samadhi tample is located at Dadar Chowpati, Parampujya Jambhekarroad, Mumbai 400028. This temple is built by Shree Jambhekar Maharaj seva Samati(Shree Jambhekar Maharaj seva group). After sad death of Kashibai Chavan, Shree AppaSaheb Jagdale is looking after it.

If you look at the disciples of Shree Swami Samarth Maharaj you will come to know altogether different side of Swami’s biography. Like banyan tree Swami’s disciples are in huge number and are spread all over the world. All disciples have different names and they have established ‘muths’(Temple-Shrine) with different names but their motto is same – Swami worship.  Many devotees have visited Akkalkot just to get Swami’s ‘darshan’ (glance). Shree Swami encouraged many devotees to established muths.  And today his devotees are everywhere.

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