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Tirtha Raj Akkalkot

Many devotees feel that, why Maharaj chose Akkalkot place for residence which is away from main city and it is very much difficult to get even small thing out there. But by looking at the places near Akkalkot we can understand it. Gangapur is situated on 30-40 kilometers away on southern side. Many times Swami told that, there is a holy place on Bhima-Amarja union. Gulbarga city is next to Gangpaur. Nawaj Ali, a famous personality of Muslim Sufi religion, was residing there.  Nawab Ali’s Samadhi is in Gulbarga. This is also called as Hindu Keshav Chaitanya. This is Samadhi has completed 700 years. Gulbarga’s ‘dargah’ (muslim temple) can be viewed from many kilometers. In Gulbarga, few years ago one saint of 'Lingayat community was residing. His muth is also located in same city.
Pandharpur place is located on North-East direction of Akkalkot. This place is famous for temple of God Pandhurang. Shree Shankaracharya has called this place as “Mahayogpith”. Mangalvedha city is next to Pandharpur. This place is by name ‘Saint bhumi’ [Saint’s land]. Before moving to Akkalkot, Shree Samarth was staying in Mangalvedha for 12 years. ‘Vashi’ village is on northern side. It is believed that, Lord Vishnu got impressed by his devotee king Ambrish and started residing in village for ever. Statues of Lord Vishnu and Laxmi, made up of ‘Shaligram’ stone are placed in same village. Holy place of Shree Shrukacharya is on “Daryabacha” hill of Sankola district. This hill is famous by name ‘Shukryacharya’s hill’.

Samadhi of Shree Kanva Saint is in ‘Kandar’ village of ‘Karmal’ district. Shree Nagnath’s main place is in Uwal place of Mohol village on Pune-Solapur road. It is said that, Pandav had visited ‘ashram’ (hermitage where sages lived in peace and tranquility amidst nature.) located on bank of Bhima river.

Lord Kandoba’s holy place is on Pune Solapaur road. Shree Manik Prabhi and Upasani of ‘Datta’ Community are related to Khandoba. Siddheshwar saint was living in Solpaur. Hence this place has “Keshav” temple. Dhruv did penance at this place only. Also it is said that Agashthi deity had worshiped God at this place only. Peer Allahuddin Dargah(Muslim temple) is located in Bahanpur village. Both Hindu and Muslim worship this Dargah (Muslim temple). It is believed that Kashi Vishweshwar had arrived in ‘Jeyur” village. This Hemand community temple is very old. Old temple of ‘Sangmeshwar’ is located on union of ‘Bori’ and ‘Harni’ rivers.

Nagnath Siddha’s muth is in ‘Dabre’ lane of Akkalkot. Many saints were living there. Ramdas community’s Hakkyachya maruti famous old muth is is same lane. On Samarth’s order Balappa did penance in same muth.

12 ‘Jotirlinge’ (symbol of lord Shiva) arrived in the lane next to market due to the ‘shivyogi’ penence. This placed was praised by Moghal Emperor. “EkMukhi” Datta’s temple is on Market road of village. The statue of temple is 200 years old and found in Shree KashiKeshtra [holy place of north India]. Statue is beautiful and attractive. On south side, ‘kabar’ [place where Muslim dead body is buried] of Khwaja Daud and Shaikh Naruddin of Sufi community could be found. Old temple of Shree siddhivinayak is in the village. It is very rare combination to see all temples at one place. Akkalkot is surrounded by temples, saints. That’s why Shree Samarth chose this holy place as his final destination.

Total 5 muths of Shree Swami Samarth are located in Akkalkot. In same village you can see impressions of Swamiji’s feet which are called as “Uppith”. Samadhi muth of ‘Samadhi muth peth’ area was built in Swamiji’s incarnation. That time Shree Vinchurkar was head of that place. He was suffering from leprosy. He asked Shree Samarth about it. Samarth told him to throw the diamond ring he was wearing. Rather than throwing the ring he kept it in front of Samarth. Cholappa picked up that ring and sold it. And in the amount he built that muth. In the centre of the temple, statues of Lord Ganpati, Devi and shivlinga were inaugurated and grand celebration of same was done. Shree Samarth was present for that celebration.

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