Shree Swami Samarth- Shree Swami’s Teaching.

Once a Punjabi gentleman came to Swami Samarth and said, “You have performed a number of miracles. So I have come to you”.  Shree Swami was annoyed and replied “Don’t you see miracles performed by a Juggler too?” Magic was one part of his great powers. He had all spiritual powers. But if we talk about his magic only then it won’t be justice to his whole life. This does not mean we should not talk about his magic but his life is far larger than that. Mortal eyes of common people can not understand some things and hence the magic shown to common people is not a magic itself.
Every thing on this earth planet has a root of cause. If people could not understand the cause behind the thing then they called it as magic. Swami Samarth was holy soul. He was master of many spiritual powers. Magic was only part of it. Every reader, his devotees should understand this. He should not be judged by the magic done in his life.

Shree Swami Samarth rules basic five elements of life. Shree Swami Samarth was ‘Jagadguru’ (preceptor of the world.) Shree Swami Maharaj treated all disciples with same love and care irrespective of their caste or social status. He was always muttering mystic ‘Mantras, ‘Shlokas’ (Sanskrit verse). He tried to overcome social differences made on cast and status. He wanted people from all religions and casts should lead to spiritual and social life. Swamiji always tried to show society that, “Sarva Deva Namaskara,Keshavam, prati gacchati”; which means in whatever form you pray it all goes to God only. He never harbored the concept of differentiation on cast. Once someone asked him, “From where do you come from?” He said, “My cast is Chambhar. My father and mother were from Mahar community.” (Depressed class of people. Generally performing low jobs and used to live on the outskirts of a village. Mahar’s would normally be seen as untouchables during those times). This was his teaching in order to over come cast differences.

Swami always insisted that, “Knave people are social problems and we should get rid of them quickly.” He wanted all the people to do Relentless Efforts. He used to say, “Stay away from lazy person”,” Always do hard work like bull”. If someone is seating idle without any work and thinking pointlessly, then Swamiji used asked,”Hey, don’t you have bull with you?” Swamiji said, “Do hard work and earn your own bread and butter.” He gave teaching of ‘karmayog’(Path of Action).

Swamiji always told his disciples, always listen to and follow saints. Just throw away the proud. Worship god and chant his name. Be satisfied in what you have got. God resides in every human being. Don’t ever hurt any animal. Shree Swamiji’s disciples believe that, whatever good, bad things happen in our life are due to Swamiji’s wish. And that is why whatever comes in our life must be accepted happily. Swamiji also told his disciples that, “devotees who set their mind and heart upon me constantly, does my worship are dear to me same as baby is dear to her mother”.

Swami’s devotee is always good hearted and never hates others. He is always happy in good and bad times. He treats everybody equally and friendly. He never expects anything from Shree Swami for his own. Whatever love and affection Swami wants to give to his follower is already gained by them. If they didn’t get anything back from Swamiji then they never get upset and keep on doing there work. Swamiji always get impressed by this behavior. And they say with love and care that, Addiction to bad things is always harmful to society. Everybody should follow path of truth, religion, and justice. To help others build “dharmshala” (A charitable institution meant for the accommodation of travelers (pilgrims)], wells, temples. That time Indian society had blind faiths but compared to that Shree Samarth’s thoughts were advanced.

A devotee never faces failure if he is blessed by ‘Sadguru’ [True guru (Sanskrit: sat=true), literally: true teacher.] and follows all advices given by him. Such devotees’ life changes dramatically. There is saying that, person staying beside truth in every situation is always blessed by God. If any good work is started by remembering Sadguru’ and has faith in him then success is for sure. But person should not sit idle. Instead he should work hard to achieve that. Shree Swami Samarth will definitely help this devotee.

Mind is an immense power station. Samarth advised to chant to make it strong and stay away from bad habits. We should try to follow the advices given by Swami Samarth. Patience, tenderness, truth are some of his good qualities. He had knowledge of everything still he never interfered in natural rules. If we can achieve even his single quality then we can say we have leaded a perfect and happy life.

  1. All religions say only one thing, “Always make relentless Efforts”.
  2. Do not create violence at any cost.
  3. Do not hurt others.
  4. Do not ever trust on big estates and posts.
  5. Always overcome any differences and lead a good life.
  6. Chant God’s name.
  7. Stay sway from bad addictions.
  8. Always think in all directions and good for others.
  9. Welcome guests and give him food and water.
  10. Always earn money by effort and use it for your own success. Also help others too.
  11. Build well, ponds for others.
  12. Build “Dharmashala” (A charitable institution meant for the accommodation of travelers (pilgrims)) for travelers.
  13. Learn to forgive.      
  14. Everything is going to end. People should understand this and work relentless.
  15. Whatever things either good or bad comes in our life we must happily accept it.



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